Star Wars ToR: To Rebuild or Destroy

The Manaan Swoop Race

or How to foil Darth Kujo's plans

The racers are all on Manaan, and the city council hosts a multitude of events to celebrate , and cash in on the spectacle.  At one of the parades, Duke Airwalker decided to get up in front of a microphone and start talking about how great the Jedi are, and how their secret base is being rebuilt on Dantooine.  This attracted some unwanted attention by agents of the Sith.

Ota does damage control by throwing a raging party in the Cantina, but Farstar decides to go streaking with the crowd of fans.  He leads them to the grand hotel that the Eagle's bastion crew are staying at.  A Manaan Police SWAT unit has been ordered to act as security for the event.  Several Bounty Hunters have also been hired as additional muscle.  The party is raging pretty hard when Farstar decides to lure out the Sith by shit-talking them, and then pulls out a thermal detonator.  Most of the crowd clears out, but about half of them just kept partying.  Having felt a disturbance in the Force, Tomi Farstar, Breden Thek and Lando the Mando follow different groups of people leaving the event.  Thek watches an orgy for a little while before deciding that he followed the wrong group.  Farstar follows others halfway down the stairs before deciding they weren't the Sith either.  

Thek leaves the hotel to follow Lando who has just engaged Darth Kujo.  Kujo has some Sith Troopers backing him up, but they fall like Chaff to Lando's flamethrower and Thek's lightsaber.  Kujo thinks that he has the upper hand until Lando sets his ass on fire and he has to run away to avoid certain defeat.  More Sith Troopers pop out as Lando and Thek give chase, and their sacrifice was enough for Kujo to escape.

Kujo pays the best Doctor on the planet to heal him, which gets Draken Krog in a lot of trouble with Ota Coss and Tomi Farstar.

The next days pass without incident.  Republic military personel are dispatched to secure the city from any further Sith attacks, and the day of the race arrives.  In an exciting show of dominance on the track, Farstar wins by a huge margin, and the other racers finish exactly how Ota Coss wanted them to.

Now that that's out of the way, let's go to Correllia!


Reedro_Ricards Reedro_Ricards

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