Crossfire I

Custom Starfighter


Silhouette 3
Speed 6
Handling +1
Armor 2
HP 3

Hull Threshold: 12
System Strain: 18

Hyperdrive: Class1. No back-up.
Compliments: 1 pilot, 1 astromech.

Wingtip Mounted Laser Cannon x4
Fire Arc – Forward
Range – Close
Damage – 5
Crit – 3
Special – linked 3

Proton Torpedo Launcher
Fire Arc – Forward
Range – Short
Damage – 8
Crit – 3
Special – Breach4, Blast3, Guided4
Payload – 2


The Crossfire-1 was developed and crafted by Bredan Thek and a private sector Correllian company commissioned by Ota Coss. The concept and design was created by Tomi Farstar over the course of his years piloting starships and starfighters. He is very proud of the starfighter, and often refers to it as his daughter.

Crossfire I

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