Star Wars ToR: To Rebuild or Destroy

Tales from Farstar
The Story of Atomas Kira


Farstar Datalog #00005

Entry Title: Who You Are

So, Onderon's where we're haulin' this stuff…I wonder how this is gonna go. It's been so long. Not just the being frozen for thirty some years, but even before that… I haven't been there or spoken to anyone since I left chasing Revan's vision of a new world. Stupid kid shit. 

I was curious for a sec there on Tatooine, when Krog took that blood sample and ran it through the galactic database, but all that came up was exactly what should have:

Tomi Farstar

No living relatives

It would've said the same thing if he ran that identity screen years ago before the carbonite. That's cuz the Beast Riders of Onderon don't cooperate with the Republic, much less give them blood samples.

The datapad from Starkiller, or should I say Ota, made me realize that I might want to keep better track of myself and keep more detailed datalogs. I guess you never know when you'll end up frozen in space with a big ass case of amnesia. Plus, it's likely this might come up at some point on our trip there, so I decided to just get this out of my system..

Atomas Kira was a brash and handsome young boy that grew up in the big fuckin' dangerous wilderness of Onderon, just a few miles south of Iziz, just far enough that he got to see the giant ass walls and big ivory towers of the city from the viewpoint of his dumbass mountain cave where he lived with a bunch of other dirty people and the fuck ugly animals they loved. 

One night, Atomas heard the most wonderful music, laughter and singing coming from behind the city walls.

"What're they doin' Ma?", he asked his mother while narrowing his eyes and staring toward the walls.

"Iziz is having the festival tonight." she replied casually, "Many years ago, on this day, the Beast Wars ended. Your Great Uncle took his warriors and stormed Iziz with many Drexl. He finally conquered the city and brought an end to our struggles…" His mother trailed off in a soft haze of nostalgia before looking back at him with a cheery smile. "Then he married a royal whore and decided to be King and live there instead of our BeastLord and live with us." She said with a sarcastic joy.

"Can we live there?" Atomas asked, "And go to festivals, and sing and dance and meet travelers from the other worlds?"

"No, we…"

"And ride Speeders that go RRRRRRRrrrrrRRRRR..KHER!rrrRRR<wbr />RR! Oh, and ride Spaceships too! We gotta do that! And.."

Young Atomas was cut off by a sudden hard smack to the cheek. His mother's face seemed to take on a dark shadowy color before her wrinkled brow sunk back into her skin, her features softened, and her eyes became serene again.

"Sorry, Atom, but I can't have anyone from my clan, let alone my son, talk of such things…" she said in a hushed tone while cradling his beet-fuckin'-red cheek.

"I just wanted to know why we…"

"You must learn the difference between us and them." She cut him off with a slightly more stern voice. "We keep the old ways. We guard Onderon as we always have and always will. We do not bow to Other Worlds or share in their troubles. Sharing their burden is what brought the Mando-scum to our home, it's what killed your father!"

Atomas immediately screamed back at her, not crying, but with a couple drops of water that got stuck in his eyes, "Maybe if Da had a god damn LAZER CANNON on a warship instead of a shit-brained Drexl with big dumbass teeth, then…!"

"HOW DARE YOU!!!" His mother lunged at him, grabbing his throat in a choke hold with both hands, her stupid big ol' dirty nails dug into the sides of his neck. "SHUT YOUR MOUTH IGNORANT CHILD!!"

Atomas began to feel faint, the weight against his neck had quickly started to collapse his throat. His mother was no bitch to fuck with. Especially when she was angry. Just when he thought his own mother was going to kill him, his amazing angelic older sister came to the rescue. Sunni always had a habit of arriving somewhere just in time.

"Ma! Ma, he's gonna die! You're suffocating him!" She yelled that and more similar phrases at their mother while freeing Atomas from her grip.

"Tommi! Tommi are you alright!?" Sunni asked as she lifted him off his back.

Atomas stood up, breathing heavily and coughing until the color returned to his face.

"You better learn…" his mother whispered ominously before bringing a piercing dead eyed gaze up. "..If you don't, you will never be a Kira.."

Atomas couldn't muster the strength to yell, but he projected his voice as loud as he could, "I don't wanna be a Kira! I wanna be a star! The farthest star in the universe! Far far away from here!"

…Yup. He ran away that day. Got himself into Iziz. Made some friends. Had some good times. Anyway, I wish I could tell you things got easier for Atomas, but it wasn't long before the Mandos came back to reign down a fiery onslaught again. They'd been amassing their army on Dxun after the first few skirmishes. I guess they'd decided they waited long enough and decided to finally hit Onderon with full force. Atomas spent the next six years making supply runs to the front-lines on an old beat up speeder. The thing was a rusted piece of shit, but it ran. That's all Atomas needed it to do. His knowledge of the wilderness and its' short-cuts took care of the rest. He guessed growing up a Beast Rider had its perks. He was so proficient and effective in this position that he soon became a Private in the Royal Military of Onderon, and was under the direct command of General Vaklu as "First Relief Soldier of the Vanguard". It basically meant he had the same job with a nicer land speeder and fancier title, but Atomas was proud all the same.

The pride was fleeting in the face of the ongoing war, though. And the helpless depression that came with it. He thought he'd never stop seeing the bodies pile up. Six years of his home burning day by day. Even with the Republic forces bolstering their military units, the Onderon Resistance seemed to be fated to fall. Just when all seemed lost, the Revanchist came. Atomas would never forget these Jedi. Each a fierce one man army. And he would forever be changed by the presence of their leader. Revan.To say that Atomas was amazed by Revan would be an understatement. He revered everything about him. The man that was no slave to fate. He came and went as he pleased. He saved and slaughtered as he saw fit. He shaped his own destiny with no hesitations.  

When the opportunity to join Revan's empire came. Atomas jumped at the chance, with no hesitations, just like his hero. He felt like an entirely new person, with a new sense of purpose. When the Sith recruiter asked for his name, Atomas cooly replied, 

"Tomi Farstar, sir."

And just like that, Atomas Kira was dead to the world. Another ghost of the Mandalorian wars…Remember who you are. You are Tomi Farstar. You ALWAYS have a choice. The Farstar name has no chains tied to destiny or fate. The freedom of infinite paths is what makes you who you are.

Fuck fate! That's why you disobeyed orders and took off from Taris. That's why you rejected the Sith you were once so dedicated to.

You ALWAYS have a choice.

Far Star, signing off.



Welcome to the First Round of the Swoop Racing Championship!
also a lot of drinking and debauchery...

Our journey has taken us to the cesspool of crime known as Nar Shaddaa, an industrialized moon orbiting the adopted Hutt home-world of Nal Hutta.

In preparation for the Swoop Racing Championship, Tomi Farstar and Drexyl the Dug have completed time trials on the Swoop track.

Tomi sought deals on gear he wished to acquire and two different female merchants were more than happy to give him a discount on weapons and armor in exchange for a date. Unfortunately for Farstar, they both wished to meet him at the same time and place.  After scoping out the Cantina. he realized that the corner booths were relatively private, with the exception of the other corner booth having a clear line of sight.  Tomi had Drexyl and Ota Koss claim one table where they proceeded to play pazaak with other patrons of the cantina while Farstar utilized the privacy of the booth to entertain one lady while avoiding the gaze of the other.  Farstar managed to talk Miranda, his Twilek lover, into leaving the cantina with her friends before his dates showed up.

After a successful night of debauchery, the race was on!  After an exciting run along the Nar Shaddaa track that saw many swoop bikes badly damaged, Farstar and Drexyl took 1st and 2nd place.  Ota Koss earned many credits thanks to the art of gambling.

The after party featured many interesting characters, mostly swoop racers who congratulated the victors while nursing their bruised egos.  A few of these patrons sought passage off Nar Shaddaa towards Onderon, where the next race in the Championship series will take place.  The most notable of these was Dr. Ricards, a mechanical genius, whose skill at crafting served as a neat party trick as well as earning him under the table credits.

Farstar sensed a Dark presence surrounding a beautiful human woman with long flowing blonde hair. Her name is Jynx Starkiller, the famed Bounty Hunter.  She was revealed to be the cousin of Bendak Starkiller, presumed dead with the destruction of Taris nearly 30 years ago.

Ota Coss has arranged to transport Cargo and Passengers to Onderon, and possibly its forest moon Dxun.

The party finalizes their business on Nar Shaddaa, with Rust the HK unit claiming many small bounties and Breden Thek seeking to have his family relic Vibrosword repaired.  Meanwhile, Farstar follows a lead into the parts of his past that remain shrouded in mystery even to him, and finds many revelations and a few odd trinkets.

Let's Get Off This Rock!
Together at last...

Our Crew Assembles!

Tatooine!  A desolate world full of scum and villainy!

After recently becoming the Swoop Racing Champion on the Mos Eisley circuit, Tomi Farstar is desperate to leave this barren desert world.  His associate Draken Krog makes contact with Breden Thek and HK-51 'Rust' at the cantina and decides that they should pool their resources to find passage off Tatooine.  Farstar does not trust his new associates, however concedes that it will be easier to book passage as a group than as individuals.  Breden Thek poses the option to the group that if they can find work crewing a vessel that they can make money as they leave Tatooine rather than paying for transport.  Drexl the former Swoop Champ has made a new friend who can match him drink for drink in Ota Coss, a Blue skinned Rodian and the Captain of the Medium Freighter known as Eagle's Bastion.

After discussing his need to find a new crew, it works out perfectly for our party of adventurers that they will fit all the roles he needs to fully crew his vessel.  The group impresses on Coss the need to leave Tatooine as soon as possible, and he agrees that there are credits to be made in another Star System. Everyone goes about finalizing any business they had on the desert planet and have their belongings stored on the Eagle's Bastion.

As they have finished loading a badly damaged starfighter and two pristine swoop bikes into the cargo hold, Naati Aurelius feels a grave disturbance in the Force!  The menacing Zabrak Sith Lord has returned to Mos Eisley from his murderous expedition in the desert wasteland of the Dune Sea!

The crew manage to take off before the Sith Lord can engage them in what would surely have been a deadly combat.

Now safely in space and heading towards their destination Nar Shadaa, the group has time to converse and get to know one another.  There is mistrust between some of them, although all agree that working for ota-coss : Coss is sure to hold many rewards.  Breden Thek and T4K0 manage to avoid engine troubles thanks to a creative diversion of engine coolant to avoid overheating due to low grade fuel used to refuel the ship.

Having arrived on Nar Shadaa, the group decides to purchase gear on credit by Ota Coss, who will deduct the expenses from their next paychecks.  Tomi Farstar decides to charm his way into steep discounts on his gear purchases by promising to take two female merchants on dates on the same night. The first merchant the group makes purchases from is the Duros, Troni Lex, a highly skilled weaponsmith and a former lover of Ota Coss. Next the group go to see an armor vender, a Rodian by the name of Alexa Brodine.  How will Tomi balance taking both women out for drinks and dancing at the same time?  Meanwhile, the rest of the crew must determine how to go about taking on their first contract as the crew of the Eagle's Bastion.

Will the Sith menace follow them or have they managed to stay off of the radar of those who serve the Dark Side of the Force?

Lost In Space!
Learn the ways of the Force

Mission in Danger!

The Republic desperate to avoid another war with a rising Sith threat hire a Mercenary to infiltrate a Sith Warship to steal vital information on unknown hyperspace lanes that reach throughout the Outer Rim and into the Unknown Regions of space.

The data core is successfully extracted but not before the Sith realize the treachery and strike against the infiltrator!  A young Mandalorian finds himself gravely injured and taking heavy fire as he attempts to escape their evil clutches.  As a last ditch effort to survive, he enters hyperspace coordinates into an unstable black hole.

He crash lands on an unknown and strange planet, barely alive.  He is discovered by a Jedi Knight who had left known space at the onset of the Jedi Civil War and has been out of touch with galactic events ever since.  Time passes slowly in this pocket of space, and what seems like a month passing here is a year in real space.  

The Mandalorian Warrior known as Bredan Thek has a strong connection to the Force and decides to begin training in the ways of the Jedi under the tutelage of Jedi Knight Naati Aurelius.

After several months of training, they attempt to retrieve the wreckage of the crashed Mandalorian Kom'rk class starfighter.  Repairs take time, and resources to implement them are scarce, but the resourceful Bredan Thek manages to get the ship operational with the help of his trusty T4 utility droid.

Before they decide to leave Planet X, Naati sets Bredan on a trial to confront his Dark Side in a Force Vergence located in a gnarled tree cave deep in the planets densely forested jungle.

After meditating on his experiences in the cave, a disturbance in the force is felt by both Naati and Bredan. A wormhole has opened!  Seizing the opportunity to escape back to known space they plot a course and hyper-jump through the anomaly.  Burning himself out in the process, T4 manages to record an astrogation log of the wormhole which should allow them to travel back to Planet X as long as the wormhole remains stable.  Now back in the Outer Rim, they find themselves out of fuel, with only the planet Tatooine in range of their sublight engines.  They set course for Mos Eisley Spaceport.

So it begins...
A long time ago, on Tatooine...

Our story begins as Tomi Farstar regains consciousness in a dingy medical office on Tatooine.  He is greeted by a friendly Bothan Doctor, Draken Krog.  Farstar finds out that until a few days ago he had been frozen in carbonite, and is now the property of Motta the Hutt following Motta's acquisition of a cargo load of items salvaged from a derelict vessel drifting the Outer Rim territories. 

Farstar spares no time in finding a way to quickly accrue credits in order to buy his freedom from Motta.  He enters that days Swoop race on a bike borrowed from Krog's friend Anders Sunderson.  Tomi managed to beat the other racers times to gain entry in the Main Event of the day, where he bested the current Swoop Champ.  Farstar managed to turn the ire of the Dug swooper Drexl into friendship using the Dug's weakness for alcohol and exotic dancers.  

After suffering some setbacks on his quest for freedom, Farstar put together a plan to use the resources at his disposal, namely the good will of a few of Mos Eisley's inhabitants whom he had charmed to further his goals.  When the next swoop event came up 3 days later he had paid off the local swoop gang and befriended the former swoop champ to almost guarantee his success in the championship race.  His new allies scraped together their credits and had the high roller amongst them place a large bet on Farstar to win the race.  When he won the championship, Motta was paid in full for the freedom of both Farstar and Draken Krog.

Thanks to his charming personality, Farstar has put together a small band of attaches who wish to travel the galaxy with him. Now he only needs a ship, and to avoid a monstrous Zabrak who was recently confirmed to have murdered a man in cold blood in order to steal the man's speeder bike and ride off deep into the Dune Sea.

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