Mandalore the Preserver

Leader of Mandalorian warrior tribes.


Once known as Canderous Ordo, this Mandalorian warrior fought in the Mandalorian wars on the losing side. He then worked as a bounty hunter finding steady employment at the side of Davik Kang. He joined with Revan and betrayed Kang in order to escape the destruction of Taris. He fought at Revan’s side until the defeated Malak, ending the Jedi Civil War.

Revan instructed Canderous to rebuild the strength of the Mandalorians in preparation for a threat still far out in the Unknown Regions of space. After Revan’s disappearance from the known universe Canderous did as instructed and began rebuilding the Mandalorian army on Dxun, the forest moon of Onderon. When the Jedi Exile Meetra Surik arrived, Mandalore was compelled to aid her in fighting the new Sith threat that had begun wreaking terror on the galaxy, although he knew in his heart that it was not the threat Revan had warned him of. After the disappearance of Meetra Surik following the second destruction of Malachor 5, Mandalore went back to work recruiting Mandalorian tribes to his cause.

The number of Mandalorian warriors pledging their allegiance to Mandalore is unknown to most, as is their base on Dxun. It is estimated that their forces are powerful enough to overthrow the Republic, although if that had been their goal it is likely they would have struck out in conquest long ago.


Mandalore the Preserver

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