Motta the Hutt

Hutt Crime Lord Boss of Tatooine


Motta is a Hutt who took up residence on Tatooine during the Jedi Civil War.

Like most of his species, Motta is a powerful and influential figure on the planet he chose to call home. However, his planet was Tatooine, a dune-covered wasteland sparsely populated by only a handful of miners and hunters. Because of this, few people outside of Tatooine had even heard of Motta the Hutt, and those who had thought little of him.

Still, the ambitious Hutt tried to change his reputation as a small-time operator. He had complete control over the (second-rate) swoop track circuit on Tatooine, hoping to capitalize on the destruction of Taris, and rumors abounded that he was trying to increase his wealth and power by delving into a popular Huttese pastime: smuggling.

In the years following the Jedi Civil War, his influence has increased somewhat, and he is at least respected by the other Hutt Crime Lords. If you have illicit business to do on Tatooine, it is in your best interest for Motta to get a cut of the profits.


Motta the Hutt

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