Star Wars ToR: To Rebuild or Destroy

Welcome to the First Round of the Swoop Racing Championship!

also a lot of drinking and debauchery...

Our journey has taken us to the cesspool of crime known as Nar Shaddaa, an industrialized moon orbiting the adopted Hutt home-world of Nal Hutta.

In preparation for the Swoop Racing Championship, Tomi Farstar and Drexyl the Dug have completed time trials on the Swoop track.

Tomi sought deals on gear he wished to acquire and two different female merchants were more than happy to give him a discount on weapons and armor in exchange for a date. Unfortunately for Farstar, they both wished to meet him at the same time and place.  After scoping out the Cantina. he realized that the corner booths were relatively private, with the exception of the other corner booth having a clear line of sight.  Tomi had Drexyl and Ota Koss claim one table where they proceeded to play pazaak with other patrons of the cantina while Farstar utilized the privacy of the booth to entertain one lady while avoiding the gaze of the other.  Farstar managed to talk Miranda, his Twilek lover, into leaving the cantina with her friends before his dates showed up.

After a successful night of debauchery, the race was on!  After an exciting run along the Nar Shaddaa track that saw many swoop bikes badly damaged, Farstar and Drexyl took 1st and 2nd place.  Ota Koss earned many credits thanks to the art of gambling.

The after party featured many interesting characters, mostly swoop racers who congratulated the victors while nursing their bruised egos.  A few of these patrons sought passage off Nar Shaddaa towards Onderon, where the next race in the Championship series will take place.  The most notable of these was Dr. Ricards, a mechanical genius, whose skill at crafting served as a neat party trick as well as earning him under the table credits.

Farstar sensed a Dark presence surrounding a beautiful human woman with long flowing blonde hair. Her name is Jynx Starkiller, the famed Bounty Hunter.  She was revealed to be the cousin of Bendak Starkiller, presumed dead with the destruction of Taris nearly 30 years ago.

Ota Coss has arranged to transport Cargo and Passengers to Onderon, and possibly its forest moon Dxun.

The party finalizes their business on Nar Shaddaa, with Rust the HK unit claiming many small bounties and Breden Thek seeking to have his family relic Vibrosword repaired.  Meanwhile, Farstar follows a lead into the parts of his past that remain shrouded in mystery even to him, and finds many revelations and a few odd trinkets.


Eagle’s Bastion, Captain’s Log, Ota Coss
AJCW 30.2.14
Personal Log, Captain Ota Coss of the Eagle’s Bastion.

Me happy. New crew working out real good so far. They not ask too many questions, and I like that. One exception, Tomi Farstar, but that ok. Me like him a lot. He good guy. He win big Swoop race on Tatooine, and then he win next big Swoop race on Nar Shaddaa. He make me money. I like making money.

Picked up cargo and passengers heading for Onderon. Some for Dxun, Onderon forest moon. Lot of bad things happen there in past. Hopefully no bad thing happen to us there. Bad thing happen, it bad for business. Me no like when business bad.

Me and Farstar went to watch Pit Fights. Bloody Spectacle. very entertaining. Some fights go to the death, so I no let Farstar enter competition. He not ready for that type of contest I think. I lose him, it bad for business. I no let that happen on my watch. Me like him.

Rest of crew settling business before we leave nar Shaddaa. This good. Best no to leave loose ends when can tie up in nice bow, as saying go. Danger, my droid bodyguard went off and hunted some bounties. He good at it. Made money for himself so he can settle some debt or something when we get to Onderon. Sound good to me. Thek prove to be good mechanic. I have him install Advanced Medical Suite on ship. It good for healing fast, especially good to keep Draken Krog occupied. Krog good guy, but he talk to much. I know a lot about talk, and he no know how to hold his tongue at right time. It ok, but we keep him busy so he no run his mouth.

OK, time to update astrogation charts before take off. We go now.

end of log


I almost didn’t think things were gonna work out well for me, but then I remembered something: I’m Tomi Fuckin’ Farstar! I make things happen! The cantina dates with the shop owners went all too well. Everything according to plan…Kinda like how things unfolded on Tatooine

Quick thought about that:
Again, I’m kind of spooked at how I seem to be getting too lucky these days. I mean, Tatooine had swoop gangers and other shady characters trying to cause trouble for me as soon as I set foot on the track. Nar-Shaddah though…No dangerous competition all of the sudden? No one after me or Drexl for winning? Not even one, “You Cheater!” shout-out?…That’s just not normal man. But whatever, It’s definitely not something worth stressing over and trying to figure out. I mean, can you investigate luck? Anyways, my discounted prices on gear and my Swoop Champ title should be solidified on this planet now.

The after-party was a pretty good time, and turned out to be another opportunity for the Eagle’s Bastion crew to make some great new connects. I’m starting to like Thek, as much as I can like a Mando…who’s also a Jedi…fuck me…whatever. As long as he keeps being handy with the wrench and upgrading my shit, we’ll get along just fine. I also can’t shake the feeling that I’m gonna need him around later. The feelings like a Therillium miner that wants to keep an eye on his vibro-piker, making sure no one steals it and that it aint goin’ nowhere. The tool that just might dig my fortune. Or the unexpected weapon that’ll take me out for good. Things can always go either way.

Thek spotted a pretty cool guy. This Ricards guy is a real pro when it comes to mechanics. Maybe a bit beyond pro, even, but I wouldn’t say it to his face. The little bald prick is cocky enough as it is. Not that there’s anything wrong with being cocky if ya got the skills. I’m just sayin’, ya don’t want an overload of that smug shit. Anyway, he’s gonna be shippin’ off with us to Onderon…Onderon…I wonder what’s been going on there. According to Rust, there are still diplomats and Republic representatives there, which means Talia’s stillcontrolling things. That’s a shame. Vaklu’s probably dead or in hiding by now then…Maybe I oughta ask the droid for more info on the way there.

No, that’s the least of the questions I have going on in my head. Especially after my meeting with her last night. Why all the subterfuge? Just to hand a guy a datapad?
Oh well, wasn’t a total waste of time going down to the refugee district. I was able to get some flashy jewels on the cheap. I especially like the pendant chain. It’s got that certain somethin’ that’s just my style.

Still, if I’m to believe this datapad, and believe what Ota told me about it, then a big gap of my past before now has just been filled. G-Force, Big Coss, the betrayal, the carbonite slab that’s still a mystery. How does this all tie in? I got flashes of memory back from G-Force…nothing solid though, just a randomized collage of pictures and feelings. Can’t be sure of anything, but I felt a flicker of sad…I think I was real tight with those guys. Damn, do I miss them?

What’s up between Ota and Starkiller? I think it’s obvious they were involved with jobs together here and there. The question is, what kind of jobs? And just how deep does their history go? It’s pretty clear from our talk that Ota doesn’t lie (or that’s what he wants people to think), but the guy’s also not the type to answer every question. Funny, considering how much he fuckin yaps. He got quiet when I asked a few key specific questions, though. Just what the hell does he have to hide? It’s my fuckin’ life I was asking about.
All I can really do now is watch out for myself. Seems that’s all I’ve been able to do for a long time now. Whatever, I like it.
Time to get some sleep. It’s weird, just got a sudden wave of drowsiness…

Farstar, signing off.


Eagle’s Bastion, Crewman’s log, Bredan Thek
AJCW 30.2.17

Its been around two weeks or so since Nati and I joined this crew. Everything is going smoothly, amazing even, as we have not only managed to get off Tatooine, but have also managed to find and befriend a group of highly skilled individuals.

In one short week I have managed to recoup almost all my losses from the failed mission my previous encounter. As I said before, this seems to be a group of highly skilled people. The first one, Tomi or Farstar puts on a cocky persona. Unfortunately its well earned, the man is a devil with a swoop bike or Pazaak deck, as well as being a master of certain.. other exploits. At first I wasn’t sure about him, but after some consideration I’ve decided I like him. On top of that, hes already proving useful and although he does not like to admit it, he is sensitive to the force. If trained Nati assures me he could be a powerful Jedi in his own right.

Then there is our captain, Ota Coss. Ota… intrigues me. There is something off about him, although I cannot tell what. For one he seems to have unbelievably good resources at his disposal for a regular freighter captain. He has already demonstrated that he is well connected and can supply large sums of credits on request, it makes one wonder… but hey who am I to ask questions when something good drops in my lap, only fools question good fortune.

There are many others on board who have joined our crew or are seeking passage, but aside from one, I will not go into them in detail. I tire of writing this log and I assume I will have more time in the future. The exception I wish to make and briefly describe is Ricards. We had the good fortune of meeting Dr Ricards while on Nar Shadaa. From what I’ve observed, it appears he is a mechanical genius. I hope to convince him to stay with the crew, as I could learn a lot from him and he may be able to help me realize some of my more lofty ambitions.

I started repairs on my Kom’rk fighter, and have made good progress despite some setbacks. In addition while we were recently on Nar Shadaa I learned all about light saber construction from Nati. My master has perfected the art of making even the most interesting topics boring. Here we were going over the construction of the most amazing weapon in the galaxy and he drones on for hours about the history of it and forces me to learn of the origins of the weapon. Still I did come by much useful information as well, for one I learned that the more personalized ones light saber is the better their bond with the weapon. I still have yet to acquire all of the parts needed, but should be able to make a hilt soon. I already have some ideas as to its design.

Ota says we are heading for Onderon. Its been awhile since I’ve been in that part of space. Hopefully we stay well clear of Dxun, its been a long time since I’ve been on a Mandalorian controlled planet and I’m not sure what kind of home coming I can expect.

Anyway… time to get back to routine maintenance. Ota like to keep his ship in top shape, and hey I get it, its best to be prepared for any eventuality.

Bredan out.

Reedro_Ricards Reedro_Ricards

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