Star Wars ToR: To Rebuild or Destroy

Two Parties and a Fatal Encounter

Do the Farstar Shuffle!

Onderon!  The results of the Second Round in the Swoop Racing Tournament are finalized!

After the race, the racers and their pit-crews are invited to a private party hosted by Queen Talia at the royal palace.  The event is pretty uneventful, until Tomi Farstar starts getting everyone to dance along to the Eagle's Shuffle, which is immediately called the Farstar Shuffle.  The after-party moved on to the Cantina.

Breden Thek met another Jedi, and introduced him to Naati who then began sharing his plans for rebuilding the Jedi Temple on Dantooine.

The next day, Thek and Farstar decided to go shopping for gear.  This ttok a turn for the worse when a shopkeep who had lost a lot of credits betting against Farstar called in a tip to the local gangers.  Thek and Farstar were ambushed on the streets, and much to their horror saw Darth Kujo rush through the crowd to attack them.  Farstar hotwired a speeder to try and get away, but the overwhelming number of blasts coming his way saw the bike destroyed as he lay there unconscious.  Thek raised his lightsaber to face Kujo, and quickly learned a lesson in Terror.  Kujo made his escape as the Royal Onderon Military Police crushed the gangers and came to the aid of Thek and Farstar.  The two men needed to spend about 2 days recovering on the ship with the expert aid of Draken Krog.


Farstar Datalog#00008
ENTRY TITLE: Fuck Mnarnar!

The palace ended up being cool, but the party itself was kinda lame. The only people there other than the racing crews were the Queen herself and two retainers. I made my own fun by helping myself to all the top shelf booze and rad food. Not to mention the unofficial droid entertainment. I loved those little guys! Throw anything at anywhere and those cleaner bots would scoop it up seconds before it even hit the floor. I still say we gotta get one of those on the ship. Thek was real interested in the obvious Jedi at Talia’s side. We couldn’t get him away from the Queen until later, but I “introduced” us at Bredan’s request to make sure we got his attention.

Anyway, about an hour later the “party” started to die for a second time. I had enough booze in me to convince myself that I wasn’t leaving my swoop victory celebration like that. Especially not on my homeworld. Just as everyone started to pack up and walk toward the hall, I broke out a new dance and got everything turnt up. I think I called it something else, but it became known as “The Farstar Shuffle”. I think it’ll be a long while before anyone forgets it.

’Put your hands to the North!
East to West!
Put ’em down to the South and then slap that ass!"

Don’t know exactly how the rest of the night went. Last thing I remember was talking to that zonked out moron I met at the palace. He was the mechanic for one of the other racers….nah, can’t remember his name. I also think I remember someone telling me that I got another royal invitation to the palace. I’m not sure what that’s about, but if it’s what I think, Queeny’s gonna be real dissapointed.

Anyway, the morning after started out nice enough. I wasn’t hung over, and Bredan expressed an interest in scoping out some new armor threads with me. I thought we would end up with some unique or decent finds at Gar Mnarnar’s. Thought we might even get a deal too, since he was a regular stop on my supply runs during the war. Nope. Nothing I thought would happen happened. Turned out Mnarnar didn’t recognize me from the Mando wars at all, but he did recognize Tomi Farstar the Swoop Champ…and it turned out he lost a lot of money betting against me.

Next thing I know, there’s a gang of speeders headed our way. And wouldn’t you know it, good ol’ Tatooine “Heretofuckyourdayup” Zabrak guy shows up right in the middle of ‘em! I tried to get a head-start on our escape, but Thek wasn’t listening to me at all. He thought we should just stay and, you know, take out the horde of pissed off gangsters….along with the lightsaber wielding PSYCHOPATH that hunts Jedi and slaughters entire villages for fun….
I pulled Thek by the arm down the nearest alleyway and found a speeder to borrow. The piece of junk wasn’t near fast enough to shake those assholes.

I honestly don’t remember what happened after hopping on that speeder. I think some of the thugs appeared from nowhere to cut us off in front. Whatever happened, I woke up coughing blood, in a thick haze. Everything seemed slow and sounds were dampened as if under water. Somehow made it to my feet. All I could think about was getting the hell out of there.

I kicked off the wall of one of the taller buildings nearby and jumped up onto the ledge. High enough to avoid the fighting below. I think I saw Bredan trying to take on the Sith alone before the royal police gave me a hand and I passed out again.

The next time I woke up was in the Med bay. Bredan looked like he’d taken a worse beating than me, but was feeling well enough to give me shit for not standing to fight with him. The big idiot still didn’t seem to get it. He could have the best armor, the best weapon in the galaxy…none of it would’ve made a difference. I sometimes forget that he was stuck on that dimensional-rift thingy during the rise of the Sith empire. He never saw some of the things I saw. Revan…Malak..the surviving Jedi Crusaders that joined them. They took more Forcehumper apprentices, but the ones that refused to join… I saw what happened to them.

The Sith kill Jedi. Kill anyone they think they should. Once your a target, they hunt you mercilessly until they finish the job, or you get the last laugh. Never heard of anyone getting the last laugh. That’s what Sith do, what they’re basically designed to do. And they’re very VERY good at it.

I am ashamed that I didn’t get us out of there. I’m supposed to be King in a driver seat afterall, but I’m not going to apologize for running when I had every right! I’m not planning on dying anytime soon.

So what’ve we learned Farstar? What needs to happen?

1. Gar Mnarnar must pay. No exceptions. No mercy.
2. I still need to be better equipped. Armor, the heavy stuff, no more fuckin around. Not gonna get caught with my pants down again unless I’m about to…yeah.
3. I need to learn something from the Jedi. I need to put the Force to use. I need another source of knowledge that can teach me how to do this without having the Dark Side consume me. I’m NOT going to end up like Malak.

Farstar, signing off

Two Parties and a Fatal Encounter
Reedro_Ricards Reedro_Ricards

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