Star Wars ToR: To Rebuild or Destroy

Thats so Bredan

Thek's Lightsabers

Historic Log 300.12.14
Orrin flask, head archivist of the new Jedi Order. 

Despite our orders' stance on violence the lightsaber has remained a strong symbol of the Jedi order. These elegant yet fearsome weapons have evolved greatly, and over the years there have been many different makes and designs; many of which have been customized to their bearer. They are a great source of defense, and at times when necessary, of offense. While the lightsaber does not make the Jedi, it is undoubtedly a big part of who we are, and while many have mastered its construction, perhaps none so thoroughly as the Jedi Master Bredan Thek.

Out of all the great Jedi Masters, none are so surrounded in mystery or controversy as Thek. On one hand Thek was no stranger to violence and aggression, often dispensing justice with a quick and efficient ease. On the other hand, Bredan Thek was the master who rebuilt our order over 200 years ago, and helped enforce peace in the Galaxy. Today I am going to briefly talk about two of Thek's lightsabers; who we have come to safe keep, and perhaps shed some light onto the complexities of this mysterious character. Over the course of his life Thek made many lightsabers, and they are, still to this day some of the most magnificent in existence. For practicality and time I will focus on the two in our possession, his first two, and how they influenced the designs and construction of all the subsequent sabers he constructed for himself and for others.

The first, and perhaps least well known was Thek's violet lightsaber. At first this saber was quite ordinary, it had the typical standard hilt design and all the various components that make it up, focusing lens, emitter, energy cell and Kyber crystals. What made it stand out however was the hilts materials. Thek a Mandalorian by birth made each piece out of Beskar (also known as Mandalorian Iron). He then further customized it, adding a personalized design and inlay, and a mighty Nishalorite stone perfectly attuned to his rough character. Although this is impressive by any means, it pails in comparison to some of the other sabers that Thek, who would eventually become known as the "Saber Smith" would create.

The next saber, known as Theks dueling saber was his first of many special lightsabers he constructed. It is hypothesized that it was with this lightsaber that he fully mastered their construction, and the construction of which led him down the path that earned him his reputation as a master craftsman. Indeed it is without a doubt that it was Thek's dueling saber which earned him his fearsome reputation as a warrior of renown and skill, but I digress. The hilt of Thek's dueling saber was similar to that of his other one, constructed of Mandalorian iron giving it a make of superior quality as well as making it immune to nearly any weapon. When properly used it was nearly invincible. In addition to the Beskar hilt Thek made several other modifications. The first, a curved hilt which greatly increased its balance and was so cleverly crafted that it was easily a whole pound lighter than it should be. Thek also extended the hilt, making it longer then a typical lightsaber so he could grip it with two hands. This gave him greater control and versatility with the blade, and a weight to the hilt which could be used to devastating effect up close.

The last and perhaps most interesting was the blades color which unlike any lightsaber before or since was a Jet black, at least that is what legend says; no one has been able to use the blade since his death. We have studied it thoroughly. I myself have spent hours examining it, both with the force and my eyes, but the secret to its activation has eluded me. The general consensus is that the blade can only be wielded by Thek himself, but I have another hypothesis. I believe that the blade is indeed locked, but only until one it deems worthy finds it. That is, I suspect he made the blade so that it would bond with its wielder, and upon their death only with those it finds suitable. It is rare to see these kinds of force bonds, but not unheard of; and it would certainly attest to Theks ingenuity if true. Alas until someone comes who is able to use it we will never be able to fully discover this blades secrets. Until then all I can do is continue to study it. 

Orrin out. 



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