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Onderon! Swoop Championship Round 2!

Get your Dxun a row

Welcome to Onderon, host of the second round of the swoop racing championship series.

The Eagle's bastion crew contains two of the favored racers of the event.  Many credits are being bet on Farstar and Drexl to take 1st and 2nd place.  Ota Coss stands to make a fortune if they can pull it off.

HK-51 Rust had personal business to take care of, ensuring the safety and security of his former master's widow and son.

HK then went Bounty Hunting, capturing several small bounties and getting a lead towards capturing or killing the leaders of a major criminal organization.

Meanwhile, Drexl prepared for the race and Ota Coss made bets and beat many cantina patrons in Pazaak and drinking contests.

Farstar continued to train in the ways of controlling the Force, with an air of mystery surrounding his methods.  Breden thek continued modifying his gear, and Farstar's swoop bike.

Ota Coss told Farstar and Thek to go help out another racer, who Ota has also placed bets on to come in 3rd place.  The two force-sensitive "heroes" found the racer being beaten to death in an alley.  They quickly dispatched the thugs using their skills with their lightsabers. They left one survivor and brought him, critically wounded, back to the ship for interrogation.

Doctor Krog saved the lives of Shax the racer, and the mysterious thug.  After finding out that HK-51 Rust was already shadowing the targets of their ire, Thek and Farstar went to help him acquire these bounties.  The found them in a barely livable hovel surrounded by junkies.  The three used stealth to get inside the den of drug-abuse, and were able to stun the bounties. They then turned them over to the authorities for the reward.  HK gave his allies a small percentage each for their assistance.

The day of the race had finally arrived!  Queen Tallia gave a rousing speech to start the spectacle, and then the race was on!  Farstar took an early lead, with Drexl and Shax vying for second place.  The first lap went around the entire walled outskirts of Iziz, and tested each racers stamina to continue.  The second lap went through the forested area closest to Iziz, and required quick reflexes to avoid potentially deadly traps.  As the racers entered the city for the final lap, Farstar had a huge lead, pushing his Swoop bike to its limits.  Drexl finished in 2nd place, and Shax in 3rd just a fraction of a second behind him.  For a long moment it appeared there would be an upset, with another racer briefly entering 2nd position, but he quickly lost control and crashed his Swoop, although he walked away seemingly without a scratch.

As the racers did a Victory Lap and waved to the crowds, a ferocious and seemingly feral Wookie let out a loud roar and opened fire on the racers!  The crowd fled from around him, and before security could contain him the Bounty Hunter Jynx Starkiller flew in and began an epic battle.  She began by hailing blaster bolts down with her dual blasters, then used her wrist-mounted flamer to ignite the stands in a circle of fire around the Wookie.  He leaped into the air to meet her, but she quickly swapped her pistols for Lightsabers and cut the Wookie's legs off.  He defiantly reached up in an attempt to continue fighting, but she blasted him and ignited what was left of his corpse until all that remained of him was ash.

Queen Tallia announces to the crowd that there is nothing to worry about now that the threat has been silenced, and calls on order out that everyone in attendance join her in a toast, with the royal house covering the expense.

The racers and their honored guests are now being escorted to the Palace for the victory ceremony and celebration.


Farstar Datalog#00007
ENTRY TITLE: The Champ Is Here!

Well, Onderon’s been eventful. That half-day hangover taught me all I need to know about taking part in those drinking contests between Drexl and Ota: Don’t. Drexl swears he’s getting close to beating our stalwart booze-fueled captain, but I’m pretty sure that’s all just in his head. Something tells me Ota has some kind of secret technique that gives him an unbeatable edge. For all the guy drinks…I still don’t think I’ve ever seen him drunk. I dunno. It’s kind of hard to tell with his natural goofiness.

That Swooper, Shax, got into some trouble. Ota sent me and Braden to take care of it, and boy did we. I just wish Thek used a little more tact. His tendency to begin conversations with his lightsaber nearly got me killed. Nearly. We made quick work of those guys in the end. They never stood a chance. There was one smuggler left standing, until I stuck a hole in him and set him on fire. Looking back on it, that was pretty unnecessary, but him and his goons just really pissed me off with that first volley of blaster fire. Braden put out the fire, though. We grabbed Shax and the smuggler then went back to Krog to get us all fixed up.

Turns out Thek should’ve just let that guy burn. I got to see an entirely different side of Krog the next day. I don’t really want to go into too much detail…. Let’s just say bad luck lightning struck that smuggler twice…and he’s not going to be around for a third. In hindsight, I should’ve just put the guy out of his misery and ended it quickly for him. His crime against me and Shax really didn’t match the punishment, but…my brain just froze. I had the race to worry about, Krog’s whole thing came out of nowhere, there was a lot going on. It’s done though. I’ll just take the whole experience as a lesson for next time I guess.

After making sure that Shax was gonna make it, we turned our attention toward finding the employers of his would-be killers. Turned out Rust had already tracked them down to a Spicehouse. Weird place. Don’t feel much like talking about that either. Thek managed to capture the two junkies alive and we turned them in for the bounty. Thek and I got a real small cut of that, but I didn’t mind. Didn’t go after ‘em for the credits. I just wanted to make sure there’d be no more fuckery with the Swoop race.

After a practice lap and a night of planning with Drexl and Shax, the outcome of the race was pretty much decided before it began. The track was a breeze, especially that second lap. I never thought that I’d get a sense of nostalgia from remembering my supply runs during the war. I think I was just excited since it was my first time feeling 100% confident on a Swooptrack. The mods Thek installed did exactly what they were supposed to do, and we crossed the finish line as planned, 1-2-3. We put on a real good show too. I don’t think there’s much of a chance that anyone would suspect a thing. Ota was real loud about our success. In fact, I’d say that’s the most joy I’ve seen him display. Now I have no doubt that this bet was an unusually big one. I wonder just how much he won…

The Victory Lap was interrupted by an insane wookie. He was a shitty shot, though. Not good enough to take out the Champ. Jynx immediately came to my rescue and downed him. I knew she had a thing for me. She was probably worried I’d die before she could tell me how she really feels. If she makes another afterparty appearance, she’ll get her chance. Who knows, we might have another dance!

Looks like we’re heading to the palace after we get our Swoops locked up. I was always curious about what it was like in there. Technically, it is my cousin’s house, but never thought I’d have the opportunity to see inside.

Speaking of family, there’s only one thing still bugging me.
Was Braden’s uncle right? Is Sunni still alive? I was thinking about it, and it could be possible that it’s a different Sunastra…
The thought of seein’ her again has been popping in and out of my head since we landed, but I really don’t know how it would go. The last time we spoke I…I had just blasted her lover right between the eyes. She was beyond pissed. Told me she never wanted to see me again. But how was I supposed to know she had a secret relationship going on with a Mandalorian soldier?! I mean, we were in the middle of a war with those guys! All I saw was Mando armor lying there and screams coming from her room. Fuck me for caring, right?

Farstar, signing off.

{ENTER NAME} Datalog#00002
ENTRY TITLE: Lightning in My Hands

There’s been a lot going on lately, but I still managed to squeeze in another lesson from [ENCRYPTED]. I asked him how he was able to do that thing where he shot what looked like electricity from his fingertips. [ENCRYPTED] taught me that it’s a matter of intense focus on your will. It’s using the flow of the Force within you, then channeling your will through it. The eventual result is supposed to be a physical manifestation of your will. The Force shaping itself into what your focus was on. [ENCRYPTED] says it starts small, but if he’s gonna learn anything about me, it’s gonna be that I always get a running start.

With a few hours of practice. I was able to cast a few small zaps. It felt like holding pure power, lightning in my hands. There were also a few times where it didn’t work as I expected. Instead of lightning, my will took on different forms with different effects. Once was an intense heat filling the room, like a small volcano had just encircled me. Another was a thick black haze that made the air feel extremely heavy.

I’m starting to appreciate the opportunities that the Force is presenting me. [ENCRYPTED] just clued me in on what was hiding in that ornate chest he took from [ENCRYPTED]. A Krayt Dragon egg. I couldn’t believe what I heard next. He wanted to keep and raise it! I must be just as crazy, because I said I would help. It’s nuts, right? But..I just can’t help being excited to try it out. I mean, I’m pretty sure no one in history has ever successfully tamed a Krayt Dragon. I’m pretty sure no one has ever even bothered to attempt it, but it’s possible whoever tried didn’t live long enough to tell anyone that they were trying….

But if we do end up succeeding, then…damn.

Ah! It just occurred to me…[ENCRYPTED] found that chest in the [ENCRYPTED]! Was [ENCRYPTED] planning on raising a dragon himself? I think it might be time for one more lesson.


Reedro_Ricards Reedro_Ricards

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