Star Wars ToR: To Rebuild or Destroy

On to Manaan!

So you wanna be a Bounty Hunter?

Exploring the Jedi Temple ruins on Dantooine, Naati finds young Duke Airwalker studying a halfway functional terminal in an old training hall.  He leads him to the Eagle's Bastion and gets Ota to hire him on as a crewman so that he can explore the galaxy and get some perspective away from his home world.  Duke has no problem leaving his family behind.

Ota informs the crew that they will be stopping in the Onderon system to pick up some supplies and passengers on Dxun.  Having received the supplies he needs from his Mandalorian relatives, Breden Thek begins crafting a magnificent suit of Power Armor.

Finally they reach Manaan, with a week to go until the race!  Ota has secured VIP hotel suites for everyone under his banner.  There is a parade thrown in honor of the Swoop Racers who will be competing in the Manaan 3rd Round Swoop Championship Race.  That night there is much celebration in the local Cantina, where Tomi Farstar is the life of the party.  Meanwhile as the night fades into the morning, Breden finishes his project.

The next day, Farstar wants to have some 'fun' by hunting some bounties.  He finds a 7' tall Trandoshan Bounty Hunter named Doss who seems willing to take him along as backup.  Duke Airwalker joins in as well.  The three of them went to the residence of a local fisherman who has been caught poaching endangered species of fish, and find a clue hidden in the garbage covered in rotting slimy rotten food waste.  They go to the residence of one of his crewmembers, who immediately is intimidated into selling out his former boss.  Then they went to the docks to arrange for a boat to take them to the spot that the poacher is reportedly fishing at.  There are numerous tour guides around, and one offers a free ride for the champ, Tomi Farstar.  Once in the open sea, Farstar convinces the captain to let him pilot the ship for a little while.  Farstar guides them to the spot, where they cut the engines and sneak aboard the other boat.  The Trandoshan crashes loudly onto the deck, but not before Farstar and Airwalker could position themselves to incapacitate the crew.  Doss knocks the Captain out with a pile driver, nearly snapping the man's neck.  Having commandeered the vessel, Doss calls into the authorities to meet them at the docks and arrest the captives on the vessel.  Impressed with Farstar and his weird friend, Doss offers that he might want to travel with the Eagles' Bastion after the race is over.  Tired out, Farstar and Airwalker retire back to the VIP suites.

As Doss is walking back to the cantina, Breden Thek approaches him.  Thek wants to get back into the Bounty Hunters Guild, but is currently broke and can't afford to pay his dues.  The two of them go back to the cantina and check the Bounty Boards.  The next highest bounty is on a man suspected of murdering his boss.  Doss and Thek go and investigate the man's apartment. They find a slugthrower and a bunch of letters from the guy's mom saying how proud she is that he stopped living a criminal lifestyle, went back to school, and now has a decent job.  The man's work uniform hangs neatly in the closet.  They go back to the cantina and check with the locals for leads.  Thek gives his comm frequency to someone who knows an old associate of the wanted man, and offers to call when he sees him in exchange for some credits.  Next they go investigate the crime scene, where they find detectives waiting for a forensics unit to arrive.  It starts pouring rain, and the two Hunters go back to the cantina, where they meet with Ota Coss and have some drinks.  The next morning Thek meets Doss and they have some breakfast and chat while waiting for the police to provide them with another lead.  After heading to the station, the information they receive from the detectives indicates that the Foreman was killed with a Heavy Blaster Pistol.  Thek gets a call from his informant that Slimoo just walked into a barber-shop.  Doss and Thek rush there, and easily apprehend the man halfway through his haircut. When Slimoo resists arrest, Doss stuns him and throws him over his shoulder, carrying him back to the police station for questioning.  At this point they are certain that Slimoo killed the Foreman, but the other wanted man Dred is still unacounted for.  Thek remembers the mother's address and they head there.  She complies with the investigation and expresses concern for her son. Thek finds that some clothes are missing from the guys old bedroom, but he supposedly hasn't been there for over a month.  Thek hears Doss yell out, "We got a runner!" Leaping from the window Thek races down the street to intercept Dred.  The guy is in tears wiling about how he was set up, and his life is in danger. As he agrees to sell out the gang he used to run with, Thek notices a Sniper Barrel protruding out a window.  Using the force, he jolts the window down, and the sniper shoots herself in the foot.  Thek shoots his grappling hook up and enters by smashing through the window.  Two more gangers attempt to draw their blasters but are stunned by Theks lightsaber before they have a chance.  Doss calls the cops, who come and arrest the gangers.  Doss and Thek lead Dred back to the station separately, convincing him to do the right thing, especially since if there are more of this Vipers gang out there, they will surely want him dead.  With the Bounty paid, and a bonus for solving the case, Thek and Doss head back to the Cantina for a celebratory drink.

Just 5 more days til the race!!!


Farstar Datalog #00009
Entry Title: Mo’ Jedi, Mo’ Problems

The morning started out nice, and I thought I’d just have a good day of dismantling the ship’s cannons. You know, just clear my head of everything until my mind would be entirely devoted to the turret project. I should’ve known that wouldn’t happen with my luck.

I don’t know if it’s the fame or the Force, but the world just seems to constantly throw unwanted headaches in my lap…or..head.
Naati found some giant weirdo hanging out in the ruins. I mean a literal weird giant. Duke Airwalker, the Jedi obsessed farmboy…what a guy.
I had been around this crew long enough to know what was going on. Naati went off to talk to Ota, so I figured I would just start giving Duke a tour of his new home. Aside from his freakish height, the guy would be alright if he got rid of his compulsion to randomly babble about the Jedi. I thought he was just some strange wannabe that managed to find an old lightsaber. So I decided to test out his skills and maybe knock him out of his delusions.

For all the annoying blabbering he does about wanting to be a Jedi, I was surprised to learn that he genuinely means it! If I hadn’t pulled off that last power-move, it would’ve been me that got knocked out in the sparring match. I really do have to hand it to him. The guy’s definitely done his homework.

Only took us about a week to get to Mannan. Airwalker surprised me again by insisting the crew have a Spice party while in hyperspace. I didn’t partake, but Drexl, Ota, and Airwalker got zonked. Well, Ota less so. Oddly enough, the captain seemed real interested in doing at least some kind of drug with me. I eventually caved. Went with the only drug I ever actually enjoyed. That’s right, good ol’ Booster Blue. Back in my day I knew it as Pilot’s Poison, but I like the new name better. Makes huffin’ paint sound like more of a fun snack than…well..huffing paint.

I was blitzed for hours. I guess it was stronger stuff than what I was used to. My body being frozen for over 30 years might’ve had something to do with it also. Whatever.

Ota told Duke and I some stories of Revan and Surik during the come down. Learned some interesting stuff, if it’s true that is. Not that I think Ota’s lying. I just know that sometimes what people “know” was told to them by someone else, and people lie to other people all the time.

Mannan was crazy fun. They threw a parade and everything. The Captain got us some top notch hotel rooms. Cantina party was a blast. I even went on a bounty hunt and made some new friends while getting paid. Can’t wait to see what else I can get into before winning another race.

If only Airwalker would just shut the fuck up about Jedi!

Farstar, signing off.

On to Manaan!
Reedro_Ricards Reedro_Ricards

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