Star Wars ToR: To Rebuild or Destroy

Late Night with Tomi Farstar

Kujo's one pleasure is ruined


There are 3 weeks before the big race.

Ota Coss has aquired a Capitol ship and enough crew to man it. Amongst them are 200 pilots to fly all of the starfighters.

Gold Leader, Sara, stands out as the best amongst them.

Breden Thek works on a new suit of Power Armor for Jynx, while Duke Airwalker gives a lecture at Correllia Community College about the nature of the Jedi and the Force.

Farstar's prototype X-Wing gets built.

With a week to go before the race, the crew decides that they want to make some "easy" credits.  They decide to draw Kujo out by shit-talking him on a popular late night talk show.  It works, maybe a little too well.

An epic battle unfolds on the TV station's rooftop.  3 Sith Lords and their minions wreak havok on the Bastion's crew.  Jynx Starkiller tackle Darth Wrax and flies off with her.  After a grenade finishes off the Sith soldiers, Kujo and Norax beat a hasty retreat.  Tomi farstar jumps off the roof and almost falls to his death, but is saved by Drexyl who stunted his swoop bike up the side of the building to save him.  The party is severely wounded and head back to see Dr. Krog.

Farstar decides to go look for Jynx, and falls into a Sith trap.  His ship badly damaged, he tries to get back to the Eagle's Bastion.  Kujo chops pieces of it off with his lightsaber and they crash, almost a mile from the bastion.  Thek and Sara rush out to help, and Kujo flies away on a stolen jetpack rather than fall to them here and now.

A search begins for the fleeing Dark Lord.


gosh, what a rough afternoon

Late Night with Tomi Farstar
Reedro_Ricards Reedro_Ricards

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