Star Wars ToR: To Rebuild or Destroy

Enter the 36 Chambers of Death!

I'll let you try my Wu-Tyeng style

On to Onderon!

The Eagle's bastion takes flight from Nar Shaddaa, leaving Hutt space.

They travel through hyperspace taking a few stops to calculate jumps through different hyperlanes to arrive on Nar Shaddaa, stopping briefly at a Republic refueling station orbiting the Wookie home-world of Kashyyk.  There, Breden Thek and Tomi Farstar purchase a new shield array to increase their ship's defensive capabilities.

Finally arriving in the Onderon system, Ota Coss informs the crew that they are first stopping on Dxun to offload passengers and cargo.  4 of the passangers are now revealed to be Mandalorian warriors who are bringing crates of supplies back to Mandalore's military compound.  Jynx Starkiller heads to the compound as well, although her dealings are private.

Breden Thek's uncle Dyson Thek challenges him to a duel to decide who will lead their clan, and after his victory is recognized once more as the rightful leader of the Thek clan. Breden informs him that he now follows a different path, and is allied with the Jedi.

Ota Coss meets with Mandalore, and finds some Mandalorians who wish to come to Onderon to watch the Swoop Tournament that will be held in a few days time.  Dyson Thek makes a deal with Breden to send him updates on his adventures through the stars and declares that his father's blade and a relic of the Thek clan should stay with Breden as his father would have wanted. he also mentions the ruins of a temple that were recently discovered deep within the jungle, and sends Breden's second cousin Olen Thek with them as a guide.  Tomi and Breden nickname him Lando the Mando, and he accepts the nickname.

Farstar manages to lead them around a nest of vicious beasts as they approach the ruins. The climb up the cliff wall proves treacherous, and Farstar almost falls to his death, but Olen caught him utilizing his jetpack. Farstar suffered a bad head wound and blacked out for some time, although he continued to move forward as they entered the temple.  Breden decided to take video images of the carvings found on the walls as they descended into the temple.

As they approached what seemed to be a dead end, a trap door opened revealing a spiked pit trap with several skeletal remains at the bottom.  Using the force to pull items out of the pit, Breden and Tomi each acquired some loot.

As the trap closed and the way forward opened, they found what seemed to be a sort of dining hall.  The skeletal remains of dozens of people lined the walls. Thek found an ornate box being cradled by one skeleton, so he destroyed the remains to claim it. Meanwhile Farstar searched the throne-like seat at the table's head and retrieved a sack of crystals which emanate with the energies of the Force.  At this point, poisonous spider-like creatures poured into the room. Olen used his flamethrower to slay many of them and cut off their entry points while Breden finished off the rest.

They decided to explore the depths of the ruins. After descending the long staircase for almost an hour, they found themselves in what seemed to be a sacrificial chamber.  the walls were lined with stone statues bearing hideous visages on their faces and wielding giant stone swords.  Farstar noticed a glowing red pyramid shaped object on an alter and decided to claim it as his own.  As soon as he removed it from the pedestal, the statues began to move! They came alive and began to attack Tomi Farstar, wounding him greatly before he could escape. Breden cut  through a support column with a lightsaber he had found and Olen detonated a Thermal Detonator as they rushed up the stairs with the path collapsing behind them.

At this point, the Theks continued searching another chamber while Farstar exited the temple. Breden acquired a few more relics while Tomi began to focus on his holocron.

The ancient Dark Lord Kaysar appeared before Tomi, warning him of other forces which wished to use him for their own ends and accepting him as a disciple.  The holocron closed back up before the Theks exited the ruins.  With only 6 chambers explored, there are sure to be more mysteries trapped in the rubble of this temple.

After climbing down the cliff, it took our weary adventurers some time and effort to regain their bearings and find the path back to the Mandalorian compound.  Once there, Ota agreed to head back to the ship.

Tomi needed to spend the night in Medbay with Draken Krog overseeing his recovery, while Breden Thek explained to his master Naati how they had explored an ancient temple, desecrated the remains of the dead, and barely omitted the fact that a holocron was taken by Farstar.

The following day, the Eagle's Bastion took flight and landed in Iziz on Onderon.  Thek and Farstar decided to begin crafting lightsaber using the parts and cryustals now in their possession.

The next race in the Swoop Championship series will take place in 4 more days, and is sure to bring excitement to countless people across the galaxy!


Farstar Datalog#00006
Entry Title:

The trip to Dxun went alright. I got bored while we were in Hyperspace, so I asked Thek to a friendly sparring match, and this guy treats it like a Deathmatch in the Dueling Ring! I guess I must’ve hurt his Mando pride when I immediately took him to the ground in a headlock, but do ya really haveta displace a guy’s ribs over that?

I was expecting to learn some Mandalorian martial arts, but…I dunno…maybe all Thek’s Jedi-ing around has him outa practice. I mean, I was the one doing all the killer moves and being tactical, but in the end he was just…well..bigger and bulkier than me.

So yeah, my jaw still clicks sometimes, but whatever.

Dxun was weird, but worth it I guess. Before I get into it, I guess I’ll just admit it right now. I’m a Forcehumper. I was really really hoping that all of this Force stuff was going to go away, but it hasn’t. And it looks like I’m gonna have to live with this for the rest of my life, so I figured why not jump right in. Doesn’t mean I have to be a Jedi. Also doesn’t mean I have to be a Dark one and get all Sith-y again. I just want to figure this out for myself. I want to know how to control it and make this Force stuff work with me rather than against me.

So we go to Dxun, right. Ota has some big secret meeting with the Mando’s Big Cheese. Breden and I aren’t invited to that meeting, but we do get invited over to a lil’ Thek Clan get-together with his uncle. Thek Clan reunion parties apparently go like this:
1. Talk about how good it is to see each other. Typically takes five minutes.
2. Fight your elderly relatives. Typically takes the bulk time of the party.
3. Go out for drinks and begin the exchange of presents. I lost track of how long that took, was busy [not caring=OUTEDIT] drinking.
Yup, that’s basically it.
Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention. You also apparently ask about old ruins and exchange information on the whereabouts of them!

We took Lando the Mando(forgot his real name), a cousin of Breden’s along for the wacky adventure from nowhere. At first I thought we’d just end up looking at a bunch of rocks and taking pictures of cave drawings from whatever idiotic civilization used to be here, but that wasn’t the case at all.

Long story short, we got ourselves a lot of valuables that we almost lost our lives over, but I think they’ll end up being worth it. I mean, I built a lightsaber when we got back….I usually don’t care much for the people holding them, but I’m no fuckin’ moron. Lightsabers are extremely useful, one of the best and most feared weapons in the galaxy. For good reason too. The Revanchists burned that lesson into my memory forever.

Still don’t know what he’s up to. Surik either for that matter. Too many rumors to follow and not enough of them coincide with each other to make a good enough clue. Oh well, nuthin’ I can do about that.

The races will be starting soon. Only a couple more days now. It’s time to get my head in the game for that and get geared up for another win.

Farstar, signing off.

Enter the 36 Chambers of Death!

ENTER NAME] Datalog#00001
Entry Title: Your Eyes Only

I’ve started a new series of logs on a blank hard-code encrypted datapad. If you’re reading this, you know who you are, and you know why the writing in here is in a more cryptic style.

The holocron has changed my circumstances. I have to be careful about what information I share and what I do not. All this Dark Side stuff…
I know it’s not all that pure evil shit preached by the Jedi.
But I also know that it isn’t something to toy around with.
Other than that, I actually don’t know much about the Force in general aside from what I’ve seen it do. I once saw a human Jedi jump 30 meters clear into the air. Vertically. I once saw another stand alone against a full battalion of soldiers. All she did was wave her hands, and the battalion fell to their feet, as if an invisible reek had just charged through the center of them at top speed.

The Force is capable of some crazy shit, but it comes at a price. The Jedi I knew never really seemed to have any freedom. Always having someone after them. Always being pulled this way and that by this or that leader. Not to mention the countless assassination attempts on them. Didn’t seem like much of a life to me. Up until now, I counted myself lucky not to have anything going on with the Force. Why now all of the sudden? Who the fuck knows. Not like I can do anything about it. It’s not spacepox or anything like that. There’s no medicine for this disease.

Still, I need all the help I can get. Free help, none of those Jedi strings. This new ability…connection?…whatever it is needs to be controlled. And I’ve firmly decided. If I am going to use the Force, I mind as well become as powerful as possible.
I’m one hundred percent confident that I can handle this. No matter what happens, I’ll still be me, just a more powerful and understanding me. I’ve built my whole life around being in control of my own destiny, and I don’t intend to lose that. I also don’t intend to lose my new treasure. That’s what’s up with all the secrecy and multiple datapads.

[ENCRYPTED] has some very interesting teachings. This “Wu Tyeng Style” of his is particularly exciting. It seems to use the saber and off-hand punches in tandem. It also has a specific form that relies on the user’s speed with relentless offensive tactics. Exactly my cup’a tea. I intend to take full advantage. [ENCRYPTED] has also informed me that my ruby pendent is the remnant spirit of an old Sith Lord. There’s no reason to believe he’s lying. It explains all the weird stuff that I chocked up to the Force or mere exhaustion. The dreams, so faint I could barely remember them when I woke. The whispers, so small and reassuring that I could’ve sworn they were just the thoughts of my own conscious.
This Sith has been trying to prep my mind and body for a hostile takeover.

I tried to get rid of the pendent, but [ENCRYPTED] told me to keep it. That he would teach me to resist the Sith Lord and that we would turn his desperation to our advantage. I believe [ENCRYPTED] meant what he said, that he would help me, but I still don’t like it.
If I can, I will get rid of this pendent, or destroy it. At the moment, I really don’t care about the power that this jewelry ghost may possess. There’s only three things in my playbook for when my life is threatened: Kill, Run, or Fuck. And I’m not fucking this thing, so it’s either getting thrown out into space or fed to the next biggest fugliest animal I see.

I’ve been thinking on what to do about [ENCRYPTED]. He saved my life, and kept the holocron a secret for me without any protest. [ENCRYPTED] said I should “align with him”, that there was a chance to pull him away from the Jedi. To be real, I’ve kinda figured that out on my own. Well, at least I think so. He doesn’t seem too concerned with Jedi philosophies. Only teachings that increase his power and knowledge. Something I can respect. From what I can tell, he’s also proven to be quite materialistic. Most of his actions have been in the pursuit of upgrades for weapons, armor, and ships. Almost to the point of obsession. Aren’t the Jedi always spouting off about “non-attachment”? So basically, he hasn’t been acting like he pays any attention to lessons about the Jedi ways. For now I’ll let him continue doing…whatever he does, and keep an eye out for when he’s worthy and willing to….explore all that the Force has to offer.

In the meantime, [ENCRYPTED] has proven to be a valuable resource, and an oasis of knowledge where I once had nothin’. I never thought I’d be excited about this kind of stuff, but I’m actually hungry to learn more of what [ENCRYPTED] has to teach.


Enter the 36 Chambers of Death!
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