Star Wars ToR: To Rebuild or Destroy

Late Night with Tomi Farstar
Kujo's one pleasure is ruined


There are 3 weeks before the big race.

Ota Coss has aquired a Capitol ship and enough crew to man it. Amongst them are 200 pilots to fly all of the starfighters.

Gold Leader, Sara, stands out as the best amongst them.

Breden Thek works on a new suit of Power Armor for Jynx, while Duke Airwalker gives a lecture at Correllia Community College about the nature of the Jedi and the Force.

Farstar's prototype X-Wing gets built.

With a week to go before the race, the crew decides that they want to make some "easy" credits.  They decide to draw Kujo out by shit-talking him on a popular late night talk show.  It works, maybe a little too well.

An epic battle unfolds on the TV station's rooftop.  3 Sith Lords and their minions wreak havok on the Bastion's crew.  Jynx Starkiller tackle Darth Wrax and flies off with her.  After a grenade finishes off the Sith soldiers, Kujo and Norax beat a hasty retreat.  Tomi farstar jumps off the roof and almost falls to his death, but is saved by Drexyl who stunted his swoop bike up the side of the building to save him.  The party is severely wounded and head back to see Dr. Krog.

Farstar decides to go look for Jynx, and falls into a Sith trap.  His ship badly damaged, he tries to get back to the Eagle's Bastion.  Kujo chops pieces of it off with his lightsaber and they crash, almost a mile from the bastion.  Thek and Sara rush out to help, and Kujo flies away on a stolen jetpack rather than fall to them here and now.

A search begins for the fleeing Dark Lord.

The Manaan Swoop Race
or How to foil Darth Kujo's plans

The racers are all on Manaan, and the city council hosts a multitude of events to celebrate , and cash in on the spectacle.  At one of the parades, Duke Airwalker decided to get up in front of a microphone and start talking about how great the Jedi are, and how their secret base is being rebuilt on Dantooine.  This attracted some unwanted attention by agents of the Sith.

Ota does damage control by throwing a raging party in the Cantina, but Farstar decides to go streaking with the crowd of fans.  He leads them to the grand hotel that the Eagle's bastion crew are staying at.  A Manaan Police SWAT unit has been ordered to act as security for the event.  Several Bounty Hunters have also been hired as additional muscle.  The party is raging pretty hard when Farstar decides to lure out the Sith by shit-talking them, and then pulls out a thermal detonator.  Most of the crowd clears out, but about half of them just kept partying.  Having felt a disturbance in the Force, Tomi Farstar, Breden Thek and Lando the Mando follow different groups of people leaving the event.  Thek watches an orgy for a little while before deciding that he followed the wrong group.  Farstar follows others halfway down the stairs before deciding they weren't the Sith either.  

Thek leaves the hotel to follow Lando who has just engaged Darth Kujo.  Kujo has some Sith Troopers backing him up, but they fall like Chaff to Lando's flamethrower and Thek's lightsaber.  Kujo thinks that he has the upper hand until Lando sets his ass on fire and he has to run away to avoid certain defeat.  More Sith Troopers pop out as Lando and Thek give chase, and their sacrifice was enough for Kujo to escape.

Kujo pays the best Doctor on the planet to heal him, which gets Draken Krog in a lot of trouble with Ota Coss and Tomi Farstar.

The next days pass without incident.  Republic military personel are dispatched to secure the city from any further Sith attacks, and the day of the race arrives.  In an exciting show of dominance on the track, Farstar wins by a huge margin, and the other racers finish exactly how Ota Coss wanted them to.

Now that that's out of the way, let's go to Correllia!

On to Manaan!
So you wanna be a Bounty Hunter?

Exploring the Jedi Temple ruins on Dantooine, Naati finds young Duke Airwalker studying a halfway functional terminal in an old training hall.  He leads him to the Eagle's Bastion and gets Ota to hire him on as a crewman so that he can explore the galaxy and get some perspective away from his home world.  Duke has no problem leaving his family behind.

Ota informs the crew that they will be stopping in the Onderon system to pick up some supplies and passengers on Dxun.  Having received the supplies he needs from his Mandalorian relatives, Breden Thek begins crafting a magnificent suit of Power Armor.

Finally they reach Manaan, with a week to go until the race!  Ota has secured VIP hotel suites for everyone under his banner.  There is a parade thrown in honor of the Swoop Racers who will be competing in the Manaan 3rd Round Swoop Championship Race.  That night there is much celebration in the local Cantina, where Tomi Farstar is the life of the party.  Meanwhile as the night fades into the morning, Breden finishes his project.

The next day, Farstar wants to have some 'fun' by hunting some bounties.  He finds a 7' tall Trandoshan Bounty Hunter named Doss who seems willing to take him along as backup.  Duke Airwalker joins in as well.  The three of them went to the residence of a local fisherman who has been caught poaching endangered species of fish, and find a clue hidden in the garbage covered in rotting slimy rotten food waste.  They go to the residence of one of his crewmembers, who immediately is intimidated into selling out his former boss.  Then they went to the docks to arrange for a boat to take them to the spot that the poacher is reportedly fishing at.  There are numerous tour guides around, and one offers a free ride for the champ, Tomi Farstar.  Once in the open sea, Farstar convinces the captain to let him pilot the ship for a little while.  Farstar guides them to the spot, where they cut the engines and sneak aboard the other boat.  The Trandoshan crashes loudly onto the deck, but not before Farstar and Airwalker could position themselves to incapacitate the crew.  Doss knocks the Captain out with a pile driver, nearly snapping the man's neck.  Having commandeered the vessel, Doss calls into the authorities to meet them at the docks and arrest the captives on the vessel.  Impressed with Farstar and his weird friend, Doss offers that he might want to travel with the Eagles' Bastion after the race is over.  Tired out, Farstar and Airwalker retire back to the VIP suites.

As Doss is walking back to the cantina, Breden Thek approaches him.  Thek wants to get back into the Bounty Hunters Guild, but is currently broke and can't afford to pay his dues.  The two of them go back to the cantina and check the Bounty Boards.  The next highest bounty is on a man suspected of murdering his boss.  Doss and Thek go and investigate the man's apartment. They find a slugthrower and a bunch of letters from the guy's mom saying how proud she is that he stopped living a criminal lifestyle, went back to school, and now has a decent job.  The man's work uniform hangs neatly in the closet.  They go back to the cantina and check with the locals for leads.  Thek gives his comm frequency to someone who knows an old associate of the wanted man, and offers to call when he sees him in exchange for some credits.  Next they go investigate the crime scene, where they find detectives waiting for a forensics unit to arrive.  It starts pouring rain, and the two Hunters go back to the cantina, where they meet with Ota Coss and have some drinks.  The next morning Thek meets Doss and they have some breakfast and chat while waiting for the police to provide them with another lead.  After heading to the station, the information they receive from the detectives indicates that the Foreman was killed with a Heavy Blaster Pistol.  Thek gets a call from his informant that Slimoo just walked into a barber-shop.  Doss and Thek rush there, and easily apprehend the man halfway through his haircut. When Slimoo resists arrest, Doss stuns him and throws him over his shoulder, carrying him back to the police station for questioning.  At this point they are certain that Slimoo killed the Foreman, but the other wanted man Dred is still unacounted for.  Thek remembers the mother's address and they head there.  She complies with the investigation and expresses concern for her son. Thek finds that some clothes are missing from the guys old bedroom, but he supposedly hasn't been there for over a month.  Thek hears Doss yell out, "We got a runner!" Leaping from the window Thek races down the street to intercept Dred.  The guy is in tears wiling about how he was set up, and his life is in danger. As he agrees to sell out the gang he used to run with, Thek notices a Sniper Barrel protruding out a window.  Using the force, he jolts the window down, and the sniper shoots herself in the foot.  Thek shoots his grappling hook up and enters by smashing through the window.  Two more gangers attempt to draw their blasters but are stunned by Theks lightsaber before they have a chance.  Doss calls the cops, who come and arrest the gangers.  Doss and Thek lead Dred back to the station separately, convincing him to do the right thing, especially since if there are more of this Vipers gang out there, they will surely want him dead.  With the Bounty paid, and a bonus for solving the case, Thek and Doss head back to the Cantina for a celebratory drink.

Just 5 more days til the race!!!

1 Murder, and a lot of Collateral Damage

Our group of adventurers decided to kill a shopkeeper that had slighted them.  They decided to infuse 3 thermal detonators into a suit of armor and sell it to him before detonating it. There were many civilian casualties. A wedding reception at the fancy restaurant next door to the Armorer's shop took the brunt of the explosion, killing all 120 attendees and staff.

Tomi felt pretty bad about all the innocent lives lost.

Then they headed towards Dantooine, but not before Darth Kujo caught up to them and severely damaged the Eagle's Bastion. A squadron of Mandalorian Starfighters came to their rescue, and the crew made the jump to hyperspace.

On Dantooine, Naati and Alex left the ship to rebuild the Jedi temple. 

Two Parties and a Fatal Encounter
Do the Farstar Shuffle!

Onderon!  The results of the Second Round in the Swoop Racing Tournament are finalized!

After the race, the racers and their pit-crews are invited to a private party hosted by Queen Talia at the royal palace.  The event is pretty uneventful, until Tomi Farstar starts getting everyone to dance along to the Eagle's Shuffle, which is immediately called the Farstar Shuffle.  The after-party moved on to the Cantina.

Breden Thek met another Jedi, and introduced him to Naati who then began sharing his plans for rebuilding the Jedi Temple on Dantooine.

The next day, Thek and Farstar decided to go shopping for gear.  This ttok a turn for the worse when a shopkeep who had lost a lot of credits betting against Farstar called in a tip to the local gangers.  Thek and Farstar were ambushed on the streets, and much to their horror saw Darth Kujo rush through the crowd to attack them.  Farstar hotwired a speeder to try and get away, but the overwhelming number of blasts coming his way saw the bike destroyed as he lay there unconscious.  Thek raised his lightsaber to face Kujo, and quickly learned a lesson in Terror.  Kujo made his escape as the Royal Onderon Military Police crushed the gangers and came to the aid of Thek and Farstar.  The two men needed to spend about 2 days recovering on the ship with the expert aid of Draken Krog.

Thats so Bredan
Thek's Lightsabers

Historic Log 300.12.14
Orrin flask, head archivist of the new Jedi Order. 

Despite our orders' stance on violence the lightsaber has remained a strong symbol of the Jedi order. These elegant yet fearsome weapons have evolved greatly, and over the years there have been many different makes and designs; many of which have been customized to their bearer. They are a great source of defense, and at times when necessary, of offense. While the lightsaber does not make the Jedi, it is undoubtedly a big part of who we are, and while many have mastered its construction, perhaps none so thoroughly as the Jedi Master Bredan Thek.

Out of all the great Jedi Masters, none are so surrounded in mystery or controversy as Thek. On one hand Thek was no stranger to violence and aggression, often dispensing justice with a quick and efficient ease. On the other hand, Bredan Thek was the master who rebuilt our order over 200 years ago, and helped enforce peace in the Galaxy. Today I am going to briefly talk about two of Thek's lightsabers; who we have come to safe keep, and perhaps shed some light onto the complexities of this mysterious character. Over the course of his life Thek made many lightsabers, and they are, still to this day some of the most magnificent in existence. For practicality and time I will focus on the two in our possession, his first two, and how they influenced the designs and construction of all the subsequent sabers he constructed for himself and for others.

The first, and perhaps least well known was Thek's violet lightsaber. At first this saber was quite ordinary, it had the typical standard hilt design and all the various components that make it up, focusing lens, emitter, energy cell and Kyber crystals. What made it stand out however was the hilts materials. Thek a Mandalorian by birth made each piece out of Beskar (also known as Mandalorian Iron). He then further customized it, adding a personalized design and inlay, and a mighty Nishalorite stone perfectly attuned to his rough character. Although this is impressive by any means, it pails in comparison to some of the other sabers that Thek, who would eventually become known as the "Saber Smith" would create.

The next saber, known as Theks dueling saber was his first of many special lightsabers he constructed. It is hypothesized that it was with this lightsaber that he fully mastered their construction, and the construction of which led him down the path that earned him his reputation as a master craftsman. Indeed it is without a doubt that it was Thek's dueling saber which earned him his fearsome reputation as a warrior of renown and skill, but I digress. The hilt of Thek's dueling saber was similar to that of his other one, constructed of Mandalorian iron giving it a make of superior quality as well as making it immune to nearly any weapon. When properly used it was nearly invincible. In addition to the Beskar hilt Thek made several other modifications. The first, a curved hilt which greatly increased its balance and was so cleverly crafted that it was easily a whole pound lighter than it should be. Thek also extended the hilt, making it longer then a typical lightsaber so he could grip it with two hands. This gave him greater control and versatility with the blade, and a weight to the hilt which could be used to devastating effect up close.

The last and perhaps most interesting was the blades color which unlike any lightsaber before or since was a Jet black, at least that is what legend says; no one has been able to use the blade since his death. We have studied it thoroughly. I myself have spent hours examining it, both with the force and my eyes, but the secret to its activation has eluded me. The general consensus is that the blade can only be wielded by Thek himself, but I have another hypothesis. I believe that the blade is indeed locked, but only until one it deems worthy finds it. That is, I suspect he made the blade so that it would bond with its wielder, and upon their death only with those it finds suitable. It is rare to see these kinds of force bonds, but not unheard of; and it would certainly attest to Theks ingenuity if true. Alas until someone comes who is able to use it we will never be able to fully discover this blades secrets. Until then all I can do is continue to study it. 

Orrin out. 


Onderon! Swoop Championship Round 2!
Get your Dxun a row

Welcome to Onderon, host of the second round of the swoop racing championship series.

The Eagle's bastion crew contains two of the favored racers of the event.  Many credits are being bet on Farstar and Drexl to take 1st and 2nd place.  Ota Coss stands to make a fortune if they can pull it off.

HK-51 Rust had personal business to take care of, ensuring the safety and security of his former master's widow and son.

HK then went Bounty Hunting, capturing several small bounties and getting a lead towards capturing or killing the leaders of a major criminal organization.

Meanwhile, Drexl prepared for the race and Ota Coss made bets and beat many cantina patrons in Pazaak and drinking contests.

Farstar continued to train in the ways of controlling the Force, with an air of mystery surrounding his methods.  Breden thek continued modifying his gear, and Farstar's swoop bike.

Ota Coss told Farstar and Thek to go help out another racer, who Ota has also placed bets on to come in 3rd place.  The two force-sensitive "heroes" found the racer being beaten to death in an alley.  They quickly dispatched the thugs using their skills with their lightsabers. They left one survivor and brought him, critically wounded, back to the ship for interrogation.

Doctor Krog saved the lives of Shax the racer, and the mysterious thug.  After finding out that HK-51 Rust was already shadowing the targets of their ire, Thek and Farstar went to help him acquire these bounties.  The found them in a barely livable hovel surrounded by junkies.  The three used stealth to get inside the den of drug-abuse, and were able to stun the bounties. They then turned them over to the authorities for the reward.  HK gave his allies a small percentage each for their assistance.

The day of the race had finally arrived!  Queen Tallia gave a rousing speech to start the spectacle, and then the race was on!  Farstar took an early lead, with Drexl and Shax vying for second place.  The first lap went around the entire walled outskirts of Iziz, and tested each racers stamina to continue.  The second lap went through the forested area closest to Iziz, and required quick reflexes to avoid potentially deadly traps.  As the racers entered the city for the final lap, Farstar had a huge lead, pushing his Swoop bike to its limits.  Drexl finished in 2nd place, and Shax in 3rd just a fraction of a second behind him.  For a long moment it appeared there would be an upset, with another racer briefly entering 2nd position, but he quickly lost control and crashed his Swoop, although he walked away seemingly without a scratch.

As the racers did a Victory Lap and waved to the crowds, a ferocious and seemingly feral Wookie let out a loud roar and opened fire on the racers!  The crowd fled from around him, and before security could contain him the Bounty Hunter Jynx Starkiller flew in and began an epic battle.  She began by hailing blaster bolts down with her dual blasters, then used her wrist-mounted flamer to ignite the stands in a circle of fire around the Wookie.  He leaped into the air to meet her, but she quickly swapped her pistols for Lightsabers and cut the Wookie's legs off.  He defiantly reached up in an attempt to continue fighting, but she blasted him and ignited what was left of his corpse until all that remained of him was ash.

Queen Tallia announces to the crowd that there is nothing to worry about now that the threat has been silenced, and calls on order out that everyone in attendance join her in a toast, with the royal house covering the expense.

The racers and their honored guests are now being escorted to the Palace for the victory ceremony and celebration.

Enter the 36 Chambers of Death!
I'll let you try my Wu-Tyeng style

On to Onderon!

The Eagle's bastion takes flight from Nar Shaddaa, leaving Hutt space.

They travel through hyperspace taking a few stops to calculate jumps through different hyperlanes to arrive on Nar Shaddaa, stopping briefly at a Republic refueling station orbiting the Wookie home-world of Kashyyk.  There, Breden Thek and Tomi Farstar purchase a new shield array to increase their ship's defensive capabilities.

Finally arriving in the Onderon system, Ota Coss informs the crew that they are first stopping on Dxun to offload passengers and cargo.  4 of the passangers are now revealed to be Mandalorian warriors who are bringing crates of supplies back to Mandalore's military compound.  Jynx Starkiller heads to the compound as well, although her dealings are private.

Breden Thek's uncle Dyson Thek challenges him to a duel to decide who will lead their clan, and after his victory is recognized once more as the rightful leader of the Thek clan. Breden informs him that he now follows a different path, and is allied with the Jedi.

Ota Coss meets with Mandalore, and finds some Mandalorians who wish to come to Onderon to watch the Swoop Tournament that will be held in a few days time.  Dyson Thek makes a deal with Breden to send him updates on his adventures through the stars and declares that his father's blade and a relic of the Thek clan should stay with Breden as his father would have wanted. he also mentions the ruins of a temple that were recently discovered deep within the jungle, and sends Breden's second cousin Olen Thek with them as a guide.  Tomi and Breden nickname him Lando the Mando, and he accepts the nickname.

Farstar manages to lead them around a nest of vicious beasts as they approach the ruins. The climb up the cliff wall proves treacherous, and Farstar almost falls to his death, but Olen caught him utilizing his jetpack. Farstar suffered a bad head wound and blacked out for some time, although he continued to move forward as they entered the temple.  Breden decided to take video images of the carvings found on the walls as they descended into the temple.

As they approached what seemed to be a dead end, a trap door opened revealing a spiked pit trap with several skeletal remains at the bottom.  Using the force to pull items out of the pit, Breden and Tomi each acquired some loot.

As the trap closed and the way forward opened, they found what seemed to be a sort of dining hall.  The skeletal remains of dozens of people lined the walls. Thek found an ornate box being cradled by one skeleton, so he destroyed the remains to claim it. Meanwhile Farstar searched the throne-like seat at the table's head and retrieved a sack of crystals which emanate with the energies of the Force.  At this point, poisonous spider-like creatures poured into the room. Olen used his flamethrower to slay many of them and cut off their entry points while Breden finished off the rest.

They decided to explore the depths of the ruins. After descending the long staircase for almost an hour, they found themselves in what seemed to be a sacrificial chamber.  the walls were lined with stone statues bearing hideous visages on their faces and wielding giant stone swords.  Farstar noticed a glowing red pyramid shaped object on an alter and decided to claim it as his own.  As soon as he removed it from the pedestal, the statues began to move! They came alive and began to attack Tomi Farstar, wounding him greatly before he could escape. Breden cut  through a support column with a lightsaber he had found and Olen detonated a Thermal Detonator as they rushed up the stairs with the path collapsing behind them.

At this point, the Theks continued searching another chamber while Farstar exited the temple. Breden acquired a few more relics while Tomi began to focus on his holocron.

The ancient Dark Lord Kaysar appeared before Tomi, warning him of other forces which wished to use him for their own ends and accepting him as a disciple.  The holocron closed back up before the Theks exited the ruins.  With only 6 chambers explored, there are sure to be more mysteries trapped in the rubble of this temple.

After climbing down the cliff, it took our weary adventurers some time and effort to regain their bearings and find the path back to the Mandalorian compound.  Once there, Ota agreed to head back to the ship.

Tomi needed to spend the night in Medbay with Draken Krog overseeing his recovery, while Breden Thek explained to his master Naati how they had explored an ancient temple, desecrated the remains of the dead, and barely omitted the fact that a holocron was taken by Farstar.

The following day, the Eagle's Bastion took flight and landed in Iziz on Onderon.  Thek and Farstar decided to begin crafting lightsaber using the parts and cryustals now in their possession.

The next race in the Swoop Championship series will take place in 4 more days, and is sure to bring excitement to countless people across the galaxy!

Tales from Farstar
The Story of Atomas Kira


Farstar Datalog #00005

Entry Title: Who You Are

So, Onderon's where we're haulin' this stuff…I wonder how this is gonna go. It's been so long. Not just the being frozen for thirty some years, but even before that… I haven't been there or spoken to anyone since I left chasing Revan's vision of a new world. Stupid kid shit. 

I was curious for a sec there on Tatooine, when Krog took that blood sample and ran it through the galactic database, but all that came up was exactly what should have:

Tomi Farstar

No living relatives

It would've said the same thing if he ran that identity screen years ago before the carbonite. That's cuz the Beast Riders of Onderon don't cooperate with the Republic, much less give them blood samples.

The datapad from Starkiller, or should I say Ota, made me realize that I might want to keep better track of myself and keep more detailed datalogs. I guess you never know when you'll end up frozen in space with a big ass case of amnesia. Plus, it's likely this might come up at some point on our trip there, so I decided to just get this out of my system..

Atomas Kira was a brash and handsome young boy that grew up in the big fuckin' dangerous wilderness of Onderon, just a few miles south of Iziz, just far enough that he got to see the giant ass walls and big ivory towers of the city from the viewpoint of his dumbass mountain cave where he lived with a bunch of other dirty people and the fuck ugly animals they loved. 

One night, Atomas heard the most wonderful music, laughter and singing coming from behind the city walls.

"What're they doin' Ma?", he asked his mother while narrowing his eyes and staring toward the walls.

"Iziz is having the festival tonight." she replied casually, "Many years ago, on this day, the Beast Wars ended. Your Great Uncle took his warriors and stormed Iziz with many Drexl. He finally conquered the city and brought an end to our struggles…" His mother trailed off in a soft haze of nostalgia before looking back at him with a cheery smile. "Then he married a royal whore and decided to be King and live there instead of our BeastLord and live with us." She said with a sarcastic joy.

"Can we live there?" Atomas asked, "And go to festivals, and sing and dance and meet travelers from the other worlds?"

"No, we…"

"And ride Speeders that go RRRRRRRrrrrrRRRRR..KHER!rrrRRR<wbr />RR! Oh, and ride Spaceships too! We gotta do that! And.."

Young Atomas was cut off by a sudden hard smack to the cheek. His mother's face seemed to take on a dark shadowy color before her wrinkled brow sunk back into her skin, her features softened, and her eyes became serene again.

"Sorry, Atom, but I can't have anyone from my clan, let alone my son, talk of such things…" she said in a hushed tone while cradling his beet-fuckin'-red cheek.

"I just wanted to know why we…"

"You must learn the difference between us and them." She cut him off with a slightly more stern voice. "We keep the old ways. We guard Onderon as we always have and always will. We do not bow to Other Worlds or share in their troubles. Sharing their burden is what brought the Mando-scum to our home, it's what killed your father!"

Atomas immediately screamed back at her, not crying, but with a couple drops of water that got stuck in his eyes, "Maybe if Da had a god damn LAZER CANNON on a warship instead of a shit-brained Drexl with big dumbass teeth, then…!"

"HOW DARE YOU!!!" His mother lunged at him, grabbing his throat in a choke hold with both hands, her stupid big ol' dirty nails dug into the sides of his neck. "SHUT YOUR MOUTH IGNORANT CHILD!!"

Atomas began to feel faint, the weight against his neck had quickly started to collapse his throat. His mother was no bitch to fuck with. Especially when she was angry. Just when he thought his own mother was going to kill him, his amazing angelic older sister came to the rescue. Sunni always had a habit of arriving somewhere just in time.

"Ma! Ma, he's gonna die! You're suffocating him!" She yelled that and more similar phrases at their mother while freeing Atomas from her grip.

"Tommi! Tommi are you alright!?" Sunni asked as she lifted him off his back.

Atomas stood up, breathing heavily and coughing until the color returned to his face.

"You better learn…" his mother whispered ominously before bringing a piercing dead eyed gaze up. "..If you don't, you will never be a Kira.."

Atomas couldn't muster the strength to yell, but he projected his voice as loud as he could, "I don't wanna be a Kira! I wanna be a star! The farthest star in the universe! Far far away from here!"

…Yup. He ran away that day. Got himself into Iziz. Made some friends. Had some good times. Anyway, I wish I could tell you things got easier for Atomas, but it wasn't long before the Mandos came back to reign down a fiery onslaught again. They'd been amassing their army on Dxun after the first few skirmishes. I guess they'd decided they waited long enough and decided to finally hit Onderon with full force. Atomas spent the next six years making supply runs to the front-lines on an old beat up speeder. The thing was a rusted piece of shit, but it ran. That's all Atomas needed it to do. His knowledge of the wilderness and its' short-cuts took care of the rest. He guessed growing up a Beast Rider had its perks. He was so proficient and effective in this position that he soon became a Private in the Royal Military of Onderon, and was under the direct command of General Vaklu as "First Relief Soldier of the Vanguard". It basically meant he had the same job with a nicer land speeder and fancier title, but Atomas was proud all the same.

The pride was fleeting in the face of the ongoing war, though. And the helpless depression that came with it. He thought he'd never stop seeing the bodies pile up. Six years of his home burning day by day. Even with the Republic forces bolstering their military units, the Onderon Resistance seemed to be fated to fall. Just when all seemed lost, the Revanchist came. Atomas would never forget these Jedi. Each a fierce one man army. And he would forever be changed by the presence of their leader. Revan.To say that Atomas was amazed by Revan would be an understatement. He revered everything about him. The man that was no slave to fate. He came and went as he pleased. He saved and slaughtered as he saw fit. He shaped his own destiny with no hesitations.  

When the opportunity to join Revan's empire came. Atomas jumped at the chance, with no hesitations, just like his hero. He felt like an entirely new person, with a new sense of purpose. When the Sith recruiter asked for his name, Atomas cooly replied, 

"Tomi Farstar, sir."

And just like that, Atomas Kira was dead to the world. Another ghost of the Mandalorian wars…Remember who you are. You are Tomi Farstar. You ALWAYS have a choice. The Farstar name has no chains tied to destiny or fate. The freedom of infinite paths is what makes you who you are.

Fuck fate! That's why you disobeyed orders and took off from Taris. That's why you rejected the Sith you were once so dedicated to.

You ALWAYS have a choice.

Far Star, signing off.



Welcome to the First Round of the Swoop Racing Championship!
also a lot of drinking and debauchery...

Our journey has taken us to the cesspool of crime known as Nar Shaddaa, an industrialized moon orbiting the adopted Hutt home-world of Nal Hutta.

In preparation for the Swoop Racing Championship, Tomi Farstar and Drexyl the Dug have completed time trials on the Swoop track.

Tomi sought deals on gear he wished to acquire and two different female merchants were more than happy to give him a discount on weapons and armor in exchange for a date. Unfortunately for Farstar, they both wished to meet him at the same time and place.  After scoping out the Cantina. he realized that the corner booths were relatively private, with the exception of the other corner booth having a clear line of sight.  Tomi had Drexyl and Ota Koss claim one table where they proceeded to play pazaak with other patrons of the cantina while Farstar utilized the privacy of the booth to entertain one lady while avoiding the gaze of the other.  Farstar managed to talk Miranda, his Twilek lover, into leaving the cantina with her friends before his dates showed up.

After a successful night of debauchery, the race was on!  After an exciting run along the Nar Shaddaa track that saw many swoop bikes badly damaged, Farstar and Drexyl took 1st and 2nd place.  Ota Koss earned many credits thanks to the art of gambling.

The after party featured many interesting characters, mostly swoop racers who congratulated the victors while nursing their bruised egos.  A few of these patrons sought passage off Nar Shaddaa towards Onderon, where the next race in the Championship series will take place.  The most notable of these was Dr. Ricards, a mechanical genius, whose skill at crafting served as a neat party trick as well as earning him under the table credits.

Farstar sensed a Dark presence surrounding a beautiful human woman with long flowing blonde hair. Her name is Jynx Starkiller, the famed Bounty Hunter.  She was revealed to be the cousin of Bendak Starkiller, presumed dead with the destruction of Taris nearly 30 years ago.

Ota Coss has arranged to transport Cargo and Passengers to Onderon, and possibly its forest moon Dxun.

The party finalizes their business on Nar Shaddaa, with Rust the HK unit claiming many small bounties and Breden Thek seeking to have his family relic Vibrosword repaired.  Meanwhile, Farstar follows a lead into the parts of his past that remain shrouded in mystery even to him, and finds many revelations and a few odd trinkets.


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