Episode I : Rise From Ash

It has been 3 decades since the events of the Mandolorian Wars raged across the galaxy leaving the Republic weakened and the Jedi Order all but wiped from existence.  The Jedi Outcasts, Revan and Meetra Surik, each played their roles in galactic events as they saw fit to reshape the galaxy and in efforts to prepare it against an as yet unknown threat lying deep in the Unknown Regions of space, where no stable Hyper-Lanes exist.  The Republic is still reeling from the two recent wars that shook the galaxy and destroyed so many lives, cultures, and even planets.  In these uncertain times there are many credits to be made from various organizations that vye for control of rebuilding efforts across the galaxy, and many Bounty Hunters have found stable income streams supporting one faction or another.  Unknown to most, a secretive organization of Bounty Hunters is shaping these rebuilding efforts, but are their intentions truly Light or Dark?

As our group of Adventurers gather together, what choices will they make, and what impact will they have on the Galaxy?

Star Wars ToR: To Rebuild or Destroy

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